O’right Green Hair Care

O’Right Eco-Salon Products
Shampoo and conditioner bottles are among the largest polluters of our landfills and can take over 500 years to biodegrade. Our patented biodegradable plastic bottles and paper boxes are infused with seeds so your clients can plant them after use to grow trees and flowers.

High Performance, Professional Only, Eco-Friendly Salon Products made with environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and integrity.

Made With:
• Certified Organic Incredients
• Natural Plant Extracts
• Essential Oils and Botanicals
• Powerful anti-oxidants & amino-acids
• Nourishing vitamins and nutrients


Cleansing & Conditioning
Nutritious natural botanical blends fortified with rich organic essential oils provide a superior and revolutionary alternative to conventional shampoos and conditioners. Specifically engineered to infuse hair with moisturizing oils and nourishing vitamins that leave hair soft and healthy, both inside and out.


Restructuring & Rejuvenating
Repair your hair with natural and organic treatments to deal with a range of hair and scalp related issues, including regular maintenance, hair loss and dandruff. Unlike conventional hair treatments, these products treat, nourish and revitalize hair with natural botanicals and pure organic plant oils.


Designing & Stylizing
Express yourself with our line up of natural and organic hair creams, gels, and sprays are formulated with certified organic ingredients and won’t cause irritation, hair loss or other harmful side effects. Most importantly, they will give you a perfectly styled look without leaving your hair feeling dehydrated or plasticized.


Skin & Body
Our unique range of skin and body care products is formulated using natural essential oils, organic botanicals, herbal extracts, essential oils, and floral waters to balance the skin to the optimal levels of nourishment, moisture, and clarity needed to preserve a natural healthy looking glow.