Organic Services

Why Organic?
I am dedicated to making my clients look beautiful, and by using organic products, feel good about it to! Choose to avoid toxic chemicals found in many other product lines, which damage and jeopardize the structural integrity of your hair. Decide to say no to the unnecessary animal testing performed by many other brands.

Discover the exceptional performance, superior results, and healthier alternative of the product line with Certified Organic Ingredients. Plus these products have also been certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as cruelty-free and  100% Vegan.

Hair Cuts
Ladies Hair Cut
Men's Hair Cut
Child's Hair Cut (10 & under)
Child's Hair Cut w/ shampoo and/or blow dry
Hair Cuts accompanied by Hair Color or Perm
Conditioning Treatments
Deep Conditioning Chemistry Shot
Conditioning Treatment

Organic Hair Color
Ammonia free, resulting in no stinging scalp, no obnoxious fumes, no damage to your hairs integrity. The organic color line I use has a high performance range of long lasting permanent hair colors. It contains certified organic extracts and natural ingredients that maintain your hair’s essential moisture and protein levels, so your hair will not be damaged in the coloring process.

All hair color services are done with Organic Hair color. Prices listed are an estimate and could cost more due to hair’s length and thickness.

Hair Color & Highlights
All Over Color
Crown Highlights
Half Highlights
Full Highlights
Baby Lights
Partial Balayage
All Over Color w/ Crown Highlights
All Over Color w/ Half Highlights
All Over Color w/ Full Highlights
Additional Color or Toning
$13 each

Organic Perms & Relaxers
The innovated perm I use is completely free of ammonia and thioglycolates.  It contains cysteamin HCL, A gentle ingredient that leaves your hair closer to it’s natural pH level, so it is undamaged by the perming or relaxing process. 

All Perms, Straighteners, and relaxers are done with certified organic products.

Perms & Relaxers
Conventional Perm
Spiral Perm
Permanent Straightening
Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blowout
Additional Perm/Straightening Solution
Waxing Services